mconnect Control mconnect Control is a dedicated control app for Conversdigital’s mconnect technology compatible network audio products.

* mconnect module supports DLNA/UPnP, and any DLNA/UPnP control apps can be used to control mconnect module. But proprietary functions, such as Internet Streaming Music access, device settings and firmware update, are provided only by mconnect Control app.

   1. Play TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer and vTuner to mconnect compatible audio.
   2. Stream music to mconnect compatible audio from your phone, PCs and NAS.
   3. Play music in PCs and Network Attached Storages (NAS) with your phone and tablet.

   - Works with “mconnect compatible” network audio products.
   - Stream music from your phone to mconnect compatible audio.
   - Stream music from PC, network storage, and cloud to mconnect compatible audio.
   - Listen to Internet streaming music and Internet Radio with mconnect compatible audio.
   - Play music in any servers with your phone.
   - Network Audio Device Setup: WiFi selection, firmware update and other setups.
   - Multi-room control: select group of speakers to play music simultaneously.
   - Playlist management across servers.
   - Track Sorting, Folder Bookmarking, and Remembering Renderer.
   - TIDAL/Qobuz/Deezer/vTuner Integration.

 * mconnect Control  is customizable with own brand of mconnect module customers.

[4 Apps are available]
   - mconnect Control for iOS : For iPhone with vertical UI.
   - mconnect Control HD for iOS : For iPad with horizontal UI.
   - mconnect Control for Android : For Android Phone with vertical UI.
   - mconnect Control HD for Android : For Android Tablet with horizontal UI.

 mconnect is a technology and trademark of Conversdigital Co., Ltd.
 TIDAL is a trademark of ASPIRO AB.
 Qobuz is a trademark of XANDRIE SA.
 Deezer is a trademark of ODYSSEY MUSIC GROUP.
 vTuner is a trademark of Nothing Else Matters Software Ltd.